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Women Connect October Newsletter

publication date: 9 October 2003

The network newsletter has emerged in response to the kinds of questions that partners in the Women Connect network are asking about resources, community development and ICT’s.

Welcome to the Women Connect Newsletter

It is a mix of news and issues related to women’s organisations and the work they do. As our mailing list is wider than the Women Connect Network we are sure this newsletter will have broad appeal. If you have any suggestions for future issues please let us know. Also look out for our new ‘E-bulletin’ which will cover national policy and development issues-coming out soon.


Having problems with Viruses?

Need Help? General advice can be found on many sites. Here is a starting place, http://www.lasa.org.uk/knowledgebase/pages/tsvirusprobs.shtml

It is not just by email that you can get and send viruses – Using Messenger and ICQ can also make your PC vulnerable. Worm/Yaha.U is the newest member of the popular computer worm family Yaha. Yaha.U is a memory resident Internet worm that spreads through e-mail by using addresses it collects in the Windows Address Book and located contact lists found in various Instant messaging programs, like ICQ or MSN Messenger.

Beware of messages sent from Microsoft
Professional looking emails purporting to be from Microsoft are being sent in order to distribute viruses. Worm/Gibe.C is an Internet worm that spreads through email arriving as a "Latest Microsoft Upgrade". The email looks very like a legitimate web page based email sent from Microsoft. It copies itself under various enticing file names like "Sick Joke" or "Jenna Jameson". For more information on current viruses visit the CompUnite website at the following address

Microsoft Chat move irresponsible?

That’s the heading on the BBC news website, "Microsoft's decision to close the free, unmoderated chatrooms of its MSN internet service has sparked strong reactions." Children's charities have welcomed the move but major net service providers have criticised the action as irresponsible. For more information on the debate visit

Community + Mobility Conference: 2nd October, Oxford.
Joy from Freedom and Empowerment Network (FEN) in The Wirral gave an informative and powerful presentation at this conference. Joy was a key speaker at this research sector conference which provided an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to come together, share ideas and develop understandings. Joy spoke about women’s experiences of mobility and community in relation to domestic violence. Inderjit and Manjit from Foleshill Women’s Training Centre (Coventry), Angie from Colchester Rape Crisis Centre and Natasha from CU-ICT (Nottingham) also attended. Programme details can be found here


The two ‘breakout’ sessions in the afternoon were informative both from an equality and diversity perspective Aydin Mehmet Ali discussed her work with Turkish Speaking Communities. For more information visit


Travelling communities and their online experiences were also considered by another group. For more information visit


St Helen’s District Women’s Aid(Merseyside) ‘First Steps Forward Project’, now has broadband connection to the training room and the general office. First Steps Forward offers pre-vocational and ICT training courses for women. Women were active over the summer utilising email and internet access. The project has also been successful in applying for UK Online Centre status to increase ICT facilities to local women.

Women Connect, CU-ICT (Nottingham) and Foleshill Women’s Training Centre (Coventry) are working together to develop and deliver 2 regional workshops later this year. The workshops will give you a chance to develop your ICT skills and discuss issues around women and technology as relevant to your organisation, your work or your area of interest. The workshops will take place in late November (Nottingham) and early December (Coventry).

If you are interested in attending a regional event please contact Women Connect for more information info@womenconnect.org.uk

The Park Road Project (Bristol) has new, greatly improved premises! After networking at a local event and a lot of hard work, the project has secured women and child-friendly accommodation. Park Road Project offers a range of courses and activities for women including IT skills. Access to the internet has opened up some new exciting opportunities for the group; their enthusiasm for using IT to benefit the project was encouraged after women attended the ‘megabyte’ conference earlier this year.

For more on the project contact Siobhain Quinn Tel: 07901 503808

Turkish Cypriot Women’s Project(London) provides advice to ensure that women within the Turkish Cypriot community are able to access the rights and services they are entitled to. The centre offers a range of services and activities to promote the rights, health, wellbeing and education of women. The TCWP is in the process of upgrading ICT equipment due to experiencing problems with email and internet access; internet access is vital to the provision and development of services. The project is encouraging women to use the public access machine to get information for themselves and older members to use email to contact family overseas.

For more on the project contact Imren or Serife on Tel: 020 8340 3300 or email turkcypwom@hotmail.com

The Iftiin Network(London) works with refugee women and their children, women are often single parents and isolated from the host community. Initially the project worked exclusively with Somali women but has developed to include women from other refugee communities. The Iftiin network is in the process of applying for charitable status, developing a funding strategy and securing premises. Currently the organisation has run on 2 home PC’s and a lot of womanpower.

For more information contact Ihsan email hussein2@aol.com or Zaihab email ZXaji@aol.com or Tel 020 8883 5716.

Emma Humphries Memorial Prize Awards (London) each year Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize award ?1000 in recognition of the achievements of women who have campaigned against violence against women and children, locally and nationally. For details of this years event on Thursday 30th October at the City Hall, London visit the EHMP awards new website at


Parenting Fund Consultation
The Parenting Fund will provide money to the voluntary and community sector to support parenting and parenting organizations. The closing date for consultation is 3 November 2003, the document is available online at


For more information visit


Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Infrastructure Consultation Document
This is a key document about the development and funding of women’s organisations across England. Women need to influence this document to ensure that funding is allocated for women’s groups in the Voluntary and Community Sector. Several key areas related to ‘infrastructure’ are covered in the report from Black Minority and Ethnic organisations, rural communities, community development initiatives and volunteering.

Women Connect will be sending a response so please share your thoughts or respond directly to the Home Office. Deadline for responses is 22 December 2003, the document can be found at:


Disclaimer: we check all information in the newsletter, but as ever with these things we give no warranties and encourage active checking before you make any decisions. Women Connect is funded by the Community Fund and managed by the Community Development Foundation and CILIP.

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