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Community & Organisational Development Tools

This section contains documents, references and links relating to community development. Also, check out the 'Community and Voluntary sector' area of our Links section and please let us know of any other community development tools that you think should be made available here.

Women, Poverty and ICT: Mediating Social Change
Two documentary films on women and ICT are now available online. They were produced in the framework of UNESCO's pilot project "Putting ICT in the Hands of the Poor", which examines the information needs of poverty stricken communities in South Asia, with a special focus on gender issues. more...

Panos Southern Africa: Zambia Radio Clubs evaluation report, Oct 2001
Objective 1: Enable clubs to bring material and social development to themselves and their communities. more...

Gender Evaluation Toolkit
Incorporating gender analysis into evaluation of of information and ICT projects tested by APC, WNSP more...

Lasa Computanews Guide to Project Management
Lasa's knowledgbase provides free online guides for the voluntary sector. This one takes readers through the various stages of project management. If you would like a paper version of this document, copies are available from the Women Connect office in Highbury. more...

How to Implement a Quality Assurance Programme.
This guide for small organisations and projects is designed for the voluntary sector. It is available from the Charities Evaluation Services at the link provided, by calling 020 7713 5722, or by e-mailing enquries@ces-vol.org.uk. more...

Benton Foundation
The Benton Foundation aims to demonstrate the value of communications for solving social problems, and to encourage innovative use of media and technology as a means to strengthen communities. This website contains information on Benton's various initiatives, a virtual library housing publications in down-loadable format and access to e-mail discussion groups. more...

Consultations with women's groups
A consultation is a way of finding out what the views are of different people about a particular issue. Women Connect is in the process of writing some guidelines. more...

Glossary of community development tools
Each of the methods described are the tools with which social scientists and other development practitioners encourage and enable participation. more...

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