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West Kent Young Women’s Project

West Kent Young Women’s Project is part of the YWCA of England and Wales As part of the project we have a small Women’s UK online centre.

The project caters for women aged 11-30 while the UK online centre is aimed primarily at women aged 16-30.

The centre attracts women who may not have access to computers elsewhere, those who lack confidence in using computers or those who want to use computers in an informal,women-only envronment.  We have professional childcare facilities for up to 12 children for which we only charge 50p per session per family.  This affordable childcare means that women who could not use other facilities are able to access the Internet.

A number of the women who come into our centre have had bad experiences at school, left early or are young mums.  The advantage of our centre is that it is small, informal and there is always someone available to help.

We run a mixture of drop-ins, informal courses and certificated courses which complement the other non-IT courses we run at the project.

When attending the drop-ins the women are encouraged to use our digital camera and scanner to put their own pictures into greetings cards that they create on the computer.  They also get the opportunity to use some of our “fun” software eg Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, have a virtual makeover, play The Sims (a simulation game), practice for their theory driving test, use the typing tutor and much more.  We also have specialised careers guidance and job seekers software.

Women are always encouraged and supported to try new things.   One young woman with limited experience of Word and Excel at school now produces our project quaterly newsletter.

We believe our centre is unique in the area as we provide a small informal Women-Only UK online centre to allow women from beginners upwards to get the best out of themselves and the computers.

For more information and to check on opening hours contact WKYWP on 01732 365831
E-mail tonbridge.train@ywca-gb.org.uk 
Website http://www.ywca-gb.org.uk/tonbridge

date created:22/4/2003 14:59:13

last updated:22/12/2003 13:23:33


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