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St Helen's District Women's Aid

Provides refuge and help to women and their children at risk of abuse.


First Steps Forward is a project based at St Helens Women’s Aid, and is funded by the Community fund.  The project provides a wide range of free courses, crèche facilities and travelling expenses for women who can learn new skills and gain confidence in a friendly supportive environment.

 First Steps Forward is also involved with  the Merseyside Abusive Partners Project, sexual crimes helpline, a 24 hour domestic violence helpline, a refuge, out reach and self help groups

There is a drop in centre together with centres for counselling, children, training and is also  recognised as an UK Online Centre providing ICT supportive internet access for women only.



  • To protect Women and Children

  • To provide a place of safety free from threats and violence

  • To provide a positive atmosphere/environment where change can take place

  • To be client led

  • To encourage women and children to take control of their own lives

  • To promote self help to empower women to decide their own futures and those of their children's

  • To support Women and their children through this process to enable them to sustain change

We provide a refuge on request to women and their children who have suffered or are at risk from physical, emotional, sexual psychological and emotional abuse.

To encourage women to determine their own futures and to help them achieve this, whether this involves returning home or starting life elsewhere.

To recognise and care for the emotional and educational needs of the children involved.

To offer support, advice and help to any woman who asks for it, whether or not she is resident, and also to offer support and aftercare to any woman and children who have left the Refuge.

To educate and inform the public, the media, the police, the Courts, Social Services and other authorities with respect to the abuse of women, mindful of the fact that this is the result of the general position of women in society.

Tel: 01925 220541
24 hour Domestic Violence
Male Helpline 01744 454290

For more information contact:  rita@shdwa.co.uk

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