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Women Connect Newsletter July 2003

This issue of our e-newsletter focuses on Violence Against Women as many partners in the network have raised this as an issue they would like highlighted.


July Issue 2003


In this edition of the newsletter we have given a brief overview of information that has come to our attention through partner organisations in the network and offered some useful website links for further information.  If you would like to make a contribution to the next newsletter let us know.






'Raising the Profile'   Women Connectlaunched its new website this week.  ‘Raising the Profile' took place at the NCH conference suite in Highbury London on Wednesday 23rd July.  The event was attended by around 50 representatives including Women Connectpartners, government departments, academics and community/voluntary sector representatives.   Women Connectpartners were given centre stage to showcase how women's organisations are using ICT's in the community and voluntary sector.  The website launch concluded the programme.   


Women With Megabyte: A national conference on women’s organisations and ICT.

The GreenNet Educational Trust (GET) and Women Connectpresented a two day workshop in June for women and women’s organisations in the UK.  The event looked at how women’s organisations in the UK were using and could be using information and communication technology (ICT) to sustain their work, challenge inequality and bring about social change.  For much more information and recorded interviews from the event visit,




Identifying Internet sources and other resources concerning VAW:

Practical workshop session at the Megabyte conference rated ‘really useful’ with participants.  The tool kit has been developed by APC’s Women’s Networking SupportProgramme and is titled “Violence Against Women in the Context of War, Conflict and Militarisation”.  Downloadable in Word at the following address





Nominate a Woman from your Community 

Each year an event is held to commemorate Emma Humphrey’s.  The Emma Humphrey’s Memorial Prize (EHMP) of ?1000 is awarded to a woman who has through campaigning or writing, shown commitment to raising awareness of Violence Against Women.  For more information and to nominate a woman contact Ellen ReynoldsEHMPawards on 07973 801554. 


National Database of Rape Statistics

Women Connectpartners Colchester Rape Crisis Centre are participating in a national database programme to support the aggregation of statistics generated from Rape Crisis Centres.  At a local level the database will enable rape crisis centres to provide statistical data for funding applications, to monitor services and develop inter agency initiatives in response to women’s needs.  At national level the statistics can be used to raise awareness of Violence Against Women and inform policy making.  For more information contact the Rape Crisis Federation Wales and England.  For more information on rape and sexual abuse visit the Child and Women Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU) website




Safe access 4 women-Online kiosks

There are over 115 online kiosks in England offering free contact support services for women experiencing mental and physical abuse by their spouses or partners: “In the first month of the project an average of 6 women per day (per kiosk) accessed information.  Now they are averaging 3,000 safety plans a month being printed from these kiosks” (Davina James-HanmanGreater London Domestic Violence Project July 2003).

For more information on online kiosks read the Mayor’s report.  For more information on domestic violence follow the other links. 





Survivors of intimate violence seek help online:

In the UKthere are few direct services provided electronically.  Davina James Hanman, Director of Greater London Domestic Violence Project comments, “Most domestic violence agency websites provide information about safety on the Internet (e.g. Covering your traces, deleting your cache and so on) but few actually provide direct services electronically.   As technology becomes more widespread in the UKmore online services may emerge, however technological advances can help as well as endanger.  For an overview on the implications, dilemma’s and applications visit the following USsites;  




For more information on how to increase your safety when using the Internet see the following websites:




Fones4safety-Pilot Project 

A pilot project in Elephant and Castle gives refurbished mobile phones to “at risk” individuals giving instant access to emergency services.  London fones4safety has partnered with Fonebak to run a new initiative, which turns reconditioned mobile phones into personal safety alarms with instant access to 999 (Emergency Services) at the touch of a button.  For more information contact 020 7740 6533 or e-mail: aterah@crispej.org.uk and view the following news reviews:




Safety and Justice: The Government’s Proposals on Domestic Violence

Now available for consultation, to view the full white paper click on the pdf link,



For an overview of government policy, local and global perspectives visit the Women and Equality Unit website



Consultation Responses-Asian Women and Childrens’ Experiences of Domestic Violence

Imkaan is a national policy and research project, developed with a specific remit to provide support, training and advocacy for the specialist refuge sector.  Earlier this year Imkaan published ‘A Placeto Stay’ an independent research paper documenting the experiences of Asian women and children escaping domestic violence and the specialist refuges who support them. This consultation highlights the barriers Black Minority Ethnic women can face when accessing support and services after having experienced violence and abuse.  For a copy of the report please contact Indira Purushothaman, Imkaan Information Officer via emailmailto:indira@imkaan1.fsnet.co.ukor on 020 7434 9945.


CEDAW in Motion.

Womankind consulted women’s organisations in May to comment on the draft Thematic Shadow Report that will state what the UKgovernment has been doing to fulfil it’s obligation of eliminating Violence Against Women.  The report will include information on honour crimes, rape and sexual assault, trafficking, female genital mutilation, domestic violence, refugees and asylum seekers.  The UKgovernment is due to report to CEDAW in July 2004.   Women Connectand Newham Asian Women’s Project (NAWP) contributed to the consultation. To view a copy of the UN report visit Womankind Worldwide.



Women Influence global processes-‘WSIS’.

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) prepcom II will be held by the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerlandin December 2003.  The Summitbrings together nations of the world to develop a global framework to deal with the challenges of ‘a global information society’.  It is also an opportunity to discuss the relevance of ICT to women globally covering a range of different issues.  For more information visit the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) website WSIS section.  To see how this specifically relates to women visit the ‘gender it’ website




Disclaimer: we check all information on the newsletter and web site, but as ever with these things we give no warranties, and encourage active checking before you make any decisions.




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