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E-Democracy and E-Government

Click here to read a summary of Ake Grunlund's paper on e-democracy and e-government, and click on the link provided to be taken to a pdf version of this paper.

From the wax tablets used during the Roman Empire to today’s web portals, communication between people and governments has always proven to be a challenge in developing an integrated and transparent democratic society. During the past ten years, however, many governments around the world have initiated and completed countless projects and initiatives designed to provide not only better services to its citizens but also a two way communication channel to improve governance and democracy; those initiatives are better known as E-Democracy and E-Government. We are all familiar with the old terms and meanings of Democracy – a Greek word comprised of the words demos, exercised by the people, and kratos, power, and defined as a government by the people exercised directly or through elected representatives – and Government – a system of relations existing between the constitutional organs that govern a country and the manner in which political power is distributed among the organs of the State. But what is the meaning of those Es and what is the difference between the two? A paper presented by Ake Grunlund of Umea university of Sweden during the 68th IFLA (International Federation on Library Associations and Institutions) Council and General Conference held in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 18-24, 2002, attempts to explain the meaning of E-Democracy and E-Government and its differences. Click on the link to be taken to a pdf version of this paper.


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