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9 October 2003 Women Connect October Newsletter
The network newsletter has emerged in response to the kinds of questions that partners in the Women Connect network are asking about resources, community development and ICT’s.   more...

22 April 2003 Citizenship 21 Awards for groups
If we work together, we can stop the prejudice that leads to violence?   more...

22 April 2003 Government sets out e-democracy statement
The government has launched a public consultation paper on e-democracy. It focuses on two main areas; electronic voting and e-participation. The latter looks at ways to enhance citizens' involvement in decision-making using existing online channels.   more...

22 April 2003 'Men use computers more than women' claims study
There is still a gender split in the use of IT, according to a survey. In the nationwide study only a third of women said they felt extremely confident using new technology, compared to 56% of men.   more...

22 April 2003 More believe internet 'becoming part of everyday life'
The number of consumers who feel the Internet is a part of everyday life is growing, according to a survey. Just over seven in 10 adults questioned agreed the net had become essential, up from 63% in last year's poll. However, the report in Which? Online says there has been a marked slow-down in the number of people connecting to the Internet.   more...

22 April 2003 Occupying Spaces – Taking Places
Women connect were asked by WMWRN to make a contribution to their conference in Birmingham at Birmingham City Council House.   more...


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