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Steps forward for gender equality at WSIS

publication date: 19 January 2004

Gender equality within ICT was recognised by the World Summit for Information Society Declaration of Principles.

The voices of gender equality  was  represented by a range of delegates from gender activists organisations at WSIS such as: 

  • WSIS Gender Caucus
  • WSIS NGO Gender Strategies Working Group
  • Geneva  Committee on the Status of Women

Sucess was achieved in ensuring the representation  of gender was  kept  on the agenda during  the working of documents  for the WSIS (World Summit on Information Society) in Geneva in November 2003.

Vital input from these and other organisations led to a key paragraph  in the WSIS declaration of principles.  Paragraph 10 of  the WSIS Declaration now reads:

“We affirm that development of ICTs provides enormous promise for women, who should be an integral part of and key actors, in the Information Society. We are committed to ensuring that the Information Society enables women’s empowerment and their full participation on the basis on equality in all spheres of society and in all decision-making processes. We should mainstream a gender equality perspective and use ICTs as a tool to that end.”

Over 800 delegates from UN Member States, intergovernmental organizations, civil society and the private sector gathered at the PrepCom3 Resumed Session in Geneva from 10 to 14 November 2003 to continue with the working documents for WSIS.

This article was sourced  from AVIVA http://www.aviva.org/newsinex.htm


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