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Race & Ethnicity

Immigration and Nationality Directorate
The IND is a part of the Home Office whose purpose is to 'regulate entry to, and settlement in, the UK effectively in the interests of sustainable growth and social inclusion'. Their website includes information on current immigration and asylum law and policy. more...

The Multikulti website aims to support citizenship through the delivery of culturally appropriate and accurately translated information in the following areas of welfare law: debt, employment, health, housing, immigration and welfare benefits. more...

Commission for Racial Equality
The CRE is a publicly funded NGO, set up to tackle racial discrimination and promote racial equality. Their website includes news items, information on best practice and legal advice. more...

Operation Black Vote
OBV is a non-party political campaign focusing exclusively on the black democratic deficit in the UK. This website contains extensive information on funding bodies, local governments and community sector activity. more...

Electronic Immigration Network
EIN is a voluntary sector organisation specialising in the provision of information on immigration and refugee law via the internet, particularly in the UK and Europe. This website includes back-catalogue newsletters and information on events. more...

Black Information Link
Blink is the main communication channel of the 1990 Trust - the first national black organisation set up to protect and pioneer the rights and interests of Britain?s black communities. The website includes news articles and events information. more...

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