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Equality Issues Policy

Here you will find information on policy concerning a range of equality issues.

Update on Fairness For All, A New Commission For Equality and Human Rights
This is the Government's White Paper on its plans to merge the Racial Equaliity Commission, Disablity Rights Commission and the Equal Opportunities Commisison into a single equality body which would also address human rights issues. Click here to read The Womens National Commission response. more...

The Commission for Equality and Human rights (CEHR)
The Commission for Equality and Human rights (CEHR) will replace the Commission for Racial Equality, the Equal opportunities Commission and Disability Rights Commission. more...

UNESCO Online Learning Centre - policy papers
Click on the link given to access UNESCO's policy papers on gender equality and ICT. more...

Disability issues, Department for Work & Pensions
This link will take you to the 'Disability' section of the Department for Work & Pensions website. There you will find information on government policies that are designed specifically for disabled people. more...

Gender & Innovation
Gender & Innovation is a unit of the UK Government's Department for Trade and Industry, set up to tackle women's under-representation in the science, engineering and technology community. This website includes information on associated government policy, research & statistics and current projects. more...

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