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Women Connect Newsletter December 2002

Publication date: 19 December 2002

No. 2 December Issue 2002.

Wishing you a cosy Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Current Issues for DECEMBER


World AIDS Day took place on the 1st December, did you do anything with your organisation to mark this day? Since 1988 1st December has been a day bringing messages of compassion, hope, solidarity and understanding about AIDS to every country in the world. It emerged from the call by the World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programmes for AIDS Prevention in January 1988 to open channels of communication and strengthen the exchange of information and experience. Since then, World AIDS Day has received worldwide support. The theme for 2002 is Stigma and Discrimination. The Red Ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS awareness that is worn by people all year round and particularly around world AIDS day to demonstrate care and concern about HIV and AIDS, and to remind others of the need for their support and commitment.

http://www.avert.org/worldaid.htm, http://www.unaids.org/





Women Connect made a recent visit to Recycle-IT!. This is a not-for-profit enterprise providing low cost quality computers to the educational and community sector, as well as job and training opportunities for people experiencing long-term unemployment. They are based in Luton. If you need a computer and cannot afford a new one, then perhaps recycle it could be the answer.

Contact Details: Tel. 01582 492436 Email: alan@recycle-it.ltd.uk http://www.recycle-it.ltd.uk/

News from YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) http://www.ywca-gb.org.uk/index.asp In October 2003 a small group of adventurers will head for Mexico's spectacular Veracruz region for five days of mountain trekking at altitude, testing their strength, endurance and stamina. The Wild Women will experience a 'hidden' Mexico not usually accessible to tourists. But it isn't simply a physical expedition. One of the most rewarding aspects of the trip is working for two days in a local community project, giving something back to the country you're visiting. And the challenge begins before they've even left home - each Wild Woman has to raise over £2,000 for the YWCA's work with disadvantaged young women in England and Wales. A comment from one participant "The Wild Women trip was a once in a lifetime experience. Being on top of the Andes with all that breathtaking scenery was exhilarating. The trekking was a real challenge, as we were at altitude, but knowing I was part of a group of determined women raising money for the YWCA made every tough step worthwhile." Louise Cooper, Oxford.

The YWCA's Wild Women challenge has been running for three years and has raised over £72,000 for the charity. If you want to sign up, then contact Anna Riddick on 01865 304217 or at anna.riddick@ywca-gb.org.uk. Visit the website: http://www.ywca-gb.org.uk/wildwomen.asp YWCA is a force for change for women who are facing discrimination and inequalities of all kinds. Through their network of 20 youth and community projects, they support young women experiencing poverty, unemployment, violence and abuse and campaign to overcome the barriers to their full participation in society.




10thDecember - Women Connect Consortium Meeting with the Community Development Foundation and CILIP.

For information on upcoming events linked to women's issues look at the Greater London Domestic Violence Project: http://womeninlondon.gn.apc.org/index.htm and check out the Womens Resources Centre website http://www.wrc.org.uk/notices.htm who were members of Women Connect


Women Connect update


Please share with us your information so we make sure we include information that interests you!

Christy and Sue went to Sheffield in November. The day was spent facilitating workshops on IT in a community group context and Barriers and Opportunities presented to women getting online. The workshops evolved around the needs of the group, and the topics covered ranged from setting up a POP 3 email account to ideas around what needs to be thought about when setting up an email list. Feed back was very positive. Comments from one participant "I found the whole day very enjoyable and carried out in a supportive environment. You helped demystify a number of things. I felt I could ask basic questions which I wouldn't have done with men present. It was also a great net-working day. I went home feeling very positive and confident about IT and in general - more please!". There may be an event near you in 2003, so please get involved.


Research and Development


What do you know about e-voting?

We have been carrying out some research in this area to find out what you think and the results are on our website http://www.womenconnect.org.uk/

Our initial findings are:

There is evidence to support the contention that Women are a disadvantaged group where access to computer technology is concerned. But access is clearly not the only issue. In fact based upon our experience, an understanding of how to use technology effectively is the major hurdle for women. We sent out a questionnaire to find out what women think about using computer technology for having contact with MPs, voting and in general having more contact with the decision makers and at policy level. Here are a few of the issues that were brought up. The full report can be found on the women connect website.

What research are you involved in? Would you like to share any of your research with Women Connect? Let us know what you are doing in this field.


Policy issues


The "Digital Divide": A Discussion Paper

E-Democracy and E-Government: A Becta Report. This report draws on wide range of literature and highlights the nature, characteristics and extent of the ‘digital divide’, the dimensions along which the divide(s) occurs, the factors contributing to its development and continuation recommendations and suggestions for future work and policy discussion. An electronic divide often replicates the divide that is within society. This therefore is directly related to women. Women are still at a disadvantage within society and as we address those issues we also need to keep an eye on the wider issue of the so called digital divide.



Websites of Interest


Do you have any websites you would like to share with the Women Connect network? Let us know!

Keep up to date with new the latest in ICT on the Women Connect Site




The Minister for Women, supported by the Women and Equality Unit, lead on gender equality in Government. http://www.womenandequalityunit.gov.uk/

Award winning ICT in Practice BECTA Awards 2002 : Womens Electronic Village Hall, Manchester. http://www.wevh.org.uk/

The Global digital opportunity initiative: Information and communications technologies for development: strategies and solutions. This initiative is directed both to providing a comprehensive approach to national ICT for development (ICTD) strategies, and to mobilizing resources and expertise to implement national priorities through specific solutions that can become models for other locations.

This was taken from Women in Technology International http://www.witi.org/center
Women will outnumber men online by 60% to 40% by 2002, according to a new study by NetSmartAmerica.com.

The research group based its conclusion on the increasingly higher percentages of women among online newcomers. In 1995, only 18% of new users were women. Last year that percentage was up to 44%. This year, 58% of new users are women.

Women are currently spending 9 hours online a week, according to the study, and 62% of women have Internet access at work.

The study also projects that 65% of all Americans will be online by 2002.

The creation of micro-companies and small companies by women is a very important factor in the development of local economies, creating employment opportunities in the community. Women set up 33 % of the companies created in the European Union. This figure confirms, without a doubt, that women take the initiative to be self-employed and at the same time provide employment for other women.

5 minute Tips, such as How to organise your email in Outlook. There are also website tips.


LASA is a non governmental organisation providing technology support solutions for the voluntary sector. http://www.lasa.org.uk/



Womankind Worldwide


Fawcett Society





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