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Roshni is a voluntary organisation run by and for Asian women and girls. Roshni was established in 1992 and works actively to address the needs of women across Sheffield.

Our philosophy is to enable women to help themselves.

 To make real time philosophy we provide:

    • A wide range of interesting resources, which includes information, (e.g. on health, welfare, education and personal development) playroom facilities and training provisions.
    • Time and space for women or Asian women’s groups in a supportive environment.
    • Referrals to professional advisors (with the strictest of confidence.)
    • Study area and a small library in Bengali, Urdu and English languages.

Centre work is based on group work, mutual trust and respect.  Roshni will help explore the skills and experience that Asian women have to offer.

We also support young Asian women overcome barriers to their education, training and employment through the provision of mentoring.  We are also working with groups of young Asian women to overcome disaffection by engaging them in activities around research and drama.  We are currently researching the position of young Asian women in Sheffield and looking at the factors that are hindering their progress with their education.  Twenty-three young women from around the city have been trained up as researchers and have undertaken over a hundred interviews in this peer research project.  The report will be due out soon and if anyone would like a copy they need to contact the AESIS project at Roshni. 

Roshni’s programme includes classes, group work, workshops, trips etc. This is your centre, please ring or visit us to find out what the centre can do for you.

Asian Women’s Resource Centre
444 London Road


S2 4HP

Tel:  01142 508 898
Fax: 01142 584 008

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