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The ?Digital Divide?: A Discussion Paper

A report by Becta on the main aspects and characteristics of ?the divide?.

?Access? for all is thought to be necessary to tackle social exclusion and promote equality in the ?new knowledge economy? by ensuring that the gap between the ?haves? and ?have nots? does not widen as ICT becomes increasingly influential in relation to educational standards, economic competitiveness and citizenship.

This report is one in a series of ?Watching Briefs? initially produced by Becta for the DfES in the first half of 2001. It identifies research findings affecting key policy areas and provides a basis for discussion through identification of the main aspects and characteristics of ?the divide?, highlighting areas for specific action in both the school and post-school policy arenas. Moreover, it provides a baseline for future work to be undertaken by Becta and represents a ?key theme? within our research strategy that overlaps with other areas of interest, such as home?school links and portable devices.

This report draws on wide range of literature and highlights: the nature, characteristics and extent of the ?digital divide? the dimensions along which the divide(s) occurs the factors contributing to its development and continuation recommendations and suggestions for future work and policy discussion.

Rest of report:   http://www.becta/research/reports/docs/digitaldivide.pdf

date created:22/4/2003 15:09:59

last updated:6/10/2003 19:13:18


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