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Women Connect Values

Women Connect has developed values that describe the spirit in which we aim to work together. These are here to guide us in practical terms: in our daily working lives; in how we develop policy; and in how we develop the future of the partnership.

1. We recognise that we do not live in a just or equal society and that there are groups of women who are discriminated against because of their beliefs, abilities, sexuality, ethnicity, age, social status, income and health. We are committed to supporting each other to ensure that we do not discriminate against each other.

2. We respect other women's views whether they are the same or different to our own.

3. We have a transparent relationship with one another. We encourage each other not to make assumptions, to communicate to the best of our ability, and to be clear and open.

4. We create a supportive and safe space in which women can learn, develop and have fun. This means that we can learn when and where we want and at a pace that meets our needs and to goals that we decide for ourselves.

5. We are open to personal learning, change and development. We will encourage each other to be reflective, to be flexible in response to challenge and change. We will embrace innovation where it is appropriate.

6. We are committed to working together to influence policies that affect our community of women.

7. We work towards solutions that are sustainable and be aware of the impact on our wider community. We will not take actions that cause harm to others or our environment.

date created:22/4/2003 14:36:43

last updated:10/7/2003 15:17:51


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